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Emotional Intelligence

It is so abhorrent to some people that anyone should be deemed to be more intelligent than anyone else, that they seek to distort the entire concept of intelligence and render it utterly meaningless. One way in which they do this is by describing all sorts of dubious ‘qualities’ as ‘forms of intelligence.’

It’s offensive, apparently, to suggest that any particular person might be less intelligent than anyone else. So, when someone is clearly not intelligent in any sort of traditional way, they are described as being ‘intelligent’ in some other way. They are assigned a made-up form of intelligence so that they don’t feel left out.

A person with musical talents might be described as having ‘musical intelligence.’ It’s a marvellous sort of talent to have, but why can’t we just call them ‘musical’? Why do they have to have ‘musical intelligence’?

And does it mean anything to say that someone has ‘artistic intelligence’? They might be able to conjure up a remarkable likeness of my Aunt Harriet, using nothing but a blunt piece of charcoal and a scrap of paper, but does that really make them intelligent? What’s wrong with just being a ‘talented artist’?

Even when a person has no discernible talents, qualities or usefulness whatsoever, they can still be intelligent, apparently! They might, for example, be – and this is the most damning of all forms of intelligence – ’emotionally intelligent.’

Admittedly, it can be difficult to define what exactly intelligence is. It might be variously described as an ability to think rationally, to make logical deductions, to make rational decisions based on a coherent set of values and principles or as an ability to conceptualise and solve problems – but what it fucking-well isn’t is a tendency to obsess about your own or other people’s feelings, pander to other people’s sensitivities and fret about fitting in! Neither is it about being skilled in toadying up to people or having a desperate need to manipulate people into liking you. There is no such fucking thing as ’emotional intelligence’!

– The little speech above comes from the fictional narrator of An Intelligent Life.


Many people crave popularity. Perhaps more pertinently, they are scared stiff of the possibility of being unpopular – it is a constant fear and preoccupation hanging over their lives like the sword of Damocles (You know – that bloke with the sword dangling over his head!).

When a schoolchild is killed or dies in some appalling accident, the news cameras are quickly sent round to the school and numerous people queue up to say how popular the girl or boy who died was – not that they were kind or intelligent or thoughtful or even academically gifted, but POPULAR!

When did you ever hear of a schoolchild killed in a terrible tragedy who was very principled and stood up for what they believed in despite this making them incredibly unpopular?
It is a well-known fact that only popular people die in tragic accidents and murders. Unpopular people are immune to such occurrences. They have a sort of forcefield around them so strong that if a drunk driver drove a juggernaut into them, the vehicle would merely bounce off the forcefield, causing it to career into the nearest popular person and splatter them all over the road!

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Being intelligent, is not, in itself, very difficult. Being intelligent is largely just a matter of not being stupid. It is this task of not being stupid, that many find so difficult.

If that makes no sense to you, let me put it another way: Let’s pick a member of the public, at random, who is unable to come up with a rational, logical, intelligent argument on a particular issue of common concern.

It is very unlikely that their failure to come up with an intelligent argument is due to an inability to perform the mental calculations required. Even complicated arguments are generally made up of a number of perfectly simple, potentially easy-to-understand, logical steps that ought not to be beyond the processing capabilities of anyone other than those with extreme mental impairments.

No – the chances are that their failure to provide a rational argument is, instead, down to either;

  • 1) Laziness – they simply can’t be bothered to think about the issue in question, or
  • 2) Prejudice – they are, in some way, so biased that they refuse to consider the matter in a rational and reasonable way, or
  • 3) An unfortunate combination of both laziness and prejudice.

The secret to intelligence lies largely in recognising, understanding and overcoming these grave impediments. This is nothing like as easy as it sounds.


Intelligence is born out of the willingness to question what we are told – whatever it may be! Each chapter in Here is Wosdom book asks us to do just that – question accepted ideas and popular opinions – and through questioning them, develop the ability to overcome the prejudices that stand between us and greater intelligence.”



“Why Conform when it’s so much more interesting not to?” Seeking Wosdom offers a selection of opinion pieces illustrating how intelligent thinking has almost nothing to do with political-correctness!





Pearls of Wosdom contains challenging ideas to stimulate and exercise the mind.



Wosdom Teeth offers provocative opinions in order to encourage readers to think beyond the politically-correct prejudices of the society they live in.

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